🍧 🍨 🍦7 Super Delish Ways to Pimp up Your Ice Cream 🍦 🍨 🍧 ...


There’s few things nicer than a refreshing bowl of ice cream on a hot day. Delicious and sweet, it’s just the ticket to cool you down. But what if all the Rocky Road, or Phish Food has gone and you’re left with plain old vanilla or a tub of something that just doesn’t inspire you? Fret not. Have a look in your fridge and pantry because there are things hanging around just waiting to pimp up your ice cream.

1. Make It Zesty with Lemon

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All that’s left is a lonely tub of vanilla. But wait, you’ve got a lemon and there’s some lemon curd. Hey, let’s make zesty ice cream. Scoop out the vanilla ice cream into a bowl. Top with a dessertspoonful of lemon curd (or two) and sprinkle over some lemon zest. Use the lemon to add to your water (‘cos you know how good that is for you.)

Add Seasonal Fruit
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