7 Amazing Restaurants in the Bay Area ...


The Bay Area is such a wonderful place to visit, so of course there are plenty of amazing restaurants in the Bay Area!

There is a wide range of exotic foods, seafood, and even restaurants that claim to serve Californian food (I still don’t know what that is!).

Here are some of my favorite restaurants in the Bay Area that you should try if you get the chance:

1. Hakkasan


Most people think of San Francisco when they hear of the Bay Area, so that is where I am going to start!

Hakkasan is one of the best and most famous restaurants in the Bay Area.

Hakkasan actually first opened up in London, but now has chains all over the United States.

Hakkasan serves lunch and dinner, and it is Cantonese style.

There are plenty of vegetarian dishes that I love, along with classic and delicious Chinese dishes.

Cliff House
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