7 Amazingly Delicious Things You Can do with Marshmallows ...


Things To Do with Marshmallows are so many I don't think I could enumerate them all.


And you don't have to feel so guilty when wolfing down packs of mallows because there are many fat-free but absolutely yummy marshmallows out in the market today.

In fact, you can even opt for the vegetarian-friendly alternatives, which are made with carrageenan instead of gelatin.

Trust me.

There's no difference in the taste whatsoever.

So, what are the possible things to do with marshmallows?

Well, before I start listing the things to do with marshmallows, let me just say first that marshmallows are pretty versatile foodstuff.

You can do almost anything with them.

So yes, it's pretty easy to come up with things to do with marshmallows.

But just in case you're coming up blank right now, here are 7 Amazingly Delicious Things You Can Do with Marshmallows.

1. Hot Cocoa Topping

Putting marshmallows in hot cocoa has got to be among the most popular things to do with marshmallows.

And you put a cinnamon stick and wafer sticks in it, too.

Absolutely heavenly!

It makes me crave a cup of this just thinking about it.

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