7 Amazingly Tasty Jell-O Shot Recipes ...

Remember Jell-O shots, those tasty little treats featured at 80’s sorority parties? Well, they’re back, and they’ve gotten better with time… I’ve tried about a dozen delicious Jell-O shot recipes the past few months, and I have some definite favorites! If you’re planning a special event, and want to thrill your guests with something unique, fun, and drink-a-riffic, keep reading! Here are 7 amazingly tasty Jell-O shot recipes!

1. Lemon Wedge Jell-O Shot Recipe

These look like real lemon wedges, but of course, there’s the Jell-O shot kick! Empty out lemon halves so just the in tact peel «bowls» remain. Make lemon Jell-O according to the directions on the box, EXCEPT reduce the cold water portion by ¼ cup and add ¼ cup of chilled lemon-flavored vodka instead. Pour carefully into your prepared lemon peel «bowls» then chill overnight. Cut into wedges with a sharp straight edged knife (not a serrated edge knife. These are so cute! You could also use lime or orange Jell-O in lime or orange «bowls,» too!