7 Appetizingly Beautiful & Deliciously Charming Ways to Ice a Cupcake ...

How to Ice a Cupcake is hard to learn – especially if you're trying to impress your guests. Ladies, never fear, I got all the tips, tricks and all of the techniques for you to learn how to ice a cupcake quickly and easily! I know that when I was first learning how to ice a cupcake, it looked way harder than it actually was. So get out your pastry bags, line up your cupcakes and take a #look at the top 7 beautiful ways to ice your cupcakes to impress your guests!

1. Daisy Cupcakes

Daisy Cupcakes
Have you ever scene a cupcake that is turned into a daisy? The icing work is absolutely #beautiful and it's actually pretty easy. Just get out your pastry #bag, use the petal tip and go to town! Dot the center with a little yellow and in no #time, you'll have a beautiful daisy that tastes as good as it looks!