8 Bacon Based Meals That Will Have You Weak at the Knees ...


If you are a vegetarian then I suggest you swiftly click away from this list of mouth-watering bacon based meals.

I went veg for a year and to be honest, the only thing I missed was bacon.2

Like a lover reunited with her lost love, since switching back to meat, I have been in bacon heaven.

Here are my top pick of bacon based meals that I am sure any true fan of bacon will appreciate…

1. Dates with Bacon

This is one of my favorite treats… ever.

The title kind of says it all.

What you need:

10-15 strips of streaky bacon

10-15 pitted dates (the juicer the better)

2 cloves of crushed garlic

1 tbs of olive oil

What to do:

Wrap a piece of bacon (uncooked) around each date2

Heat the olive oil in the pan and then add the garlic

Before the garlic turns color add the rolls of date and bacon to the pan with tongs (be careful for oil spitting out)

Cook for a few minutes on each side until you can see the bacon is cooked

Lay them onto a paper towel on a plate so all excess oil is removed2

Then enjoy… and I mean really enjoy.

Bacon Explosion
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