8. No More Bad Breath or Body Odor

Yes, plants can even help you from stinking, with the exception of garlic and onions, of course! Meat and dairy consumption has been directly linked to a higher amount of acidity in the body and the amount of stinky breath and body odor. As someone who eats tons of plant foods, I can tell you I personally havenโ€™t worn deodorant in almost 8 years and I do not suffer from body odor, even while sweating. On a normal basis, I donโ€™t have bad breath, unless I eat garlic, which I avoid because it really makes me smell terrible! Itโ€™s all about that acidity factor in meats and dairy. They are the most acid foods available to us, and when we eat them, our bodies literally process their acids directly as waste, which our bodies try to eliminate through sweating, odor and the breath. An alkaline body doesn't produce nearly the amount of toxins and thus there are less to eliminate through the pores. Garlic and onions are simply odor-producing foods for the breath due to their healthy antioxidant sulfur, which is actually a detoxifying agent to the liver. They donโ€™t stink for the same reasons as meat and dairy.

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