9. Hair and Nail Growth

Yes, one of the biggest benefits to eating vegetarian foods is they strengthen your hair and nails, and help them to grow faster and healthier. A malnourished vegetarian diet will NOT provide this, and I've succumbed to that mistake before by trying to eliminate too many food groups. Now, I eat all varieties of plants such as starches from sweet potatoes and squash; proteins from seeds like hemp seeds, chia seeds,and spirulina; healthy fats from raw oils; zinc and B vitamins from nuts and seeds; Vitamin E from avocados; magnesium from leafy greens, and Vitamin A, which is found in most of these foods. These nutrients all play a critical role in healthy hair and nail growth. My hair is growing faster than ever, along with my nails being stronger. This is all on me eating a plant-based diet 99% of the time.

Less Migraines and Allergies
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