Can't Catch a Break with Breakouts? Eat These Foods for Healthy, Smooth Skin ...



Not another breakout!

I think that’s how we all feel when we discover pimples and blemishes marring our skin.

Of course, you are still beautiful, but if you’re anything like me, you don’t like facing the world with a face full of zits.

Forget cancelling anymore plans.

Here’s what you can be eating on a regular basis to ensure smooth, healthy and gorgeous skin any day.

No more hiding out at home because you have a breakout.

Happy eating!

1. Sip a Cold Glass of Low-Fat Milk

Sip a Cold Glass of Low-Fat Milk

Unless you have a milk allergy or are lactose intolerant, low-fat milk is actually very good for your skin.

Expert dermatologists say that milk is a prime source of vitamin A, which your body needs for smooth, healthy skin.

If you can’t stomach milk, other low-fat dairy products are also great choices.

Think cheese and yogurt.

Just make sure you aren’t eating the sugary yogurt because that isn’t good for your skin.

Nibble on a Fat, Juicy Strawberry (or a Whole Bowl Full)
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