7 Carbs to Stay Away from ...


While I don’t agree with the Atkins diet for a multitude of reasons, there are, I admit, plenty of carbs to stay away from. Not all of them are bad, but there are certainly a few carbs to avoid! So what are these evil little carbs, and why should you delete them from your diet? Keep reading. Here are 7 carbs to stay away from, recognizably presented as the foods we eat them in.

1. White Bread

Aside from being bland and flimsy, white bread is (literally) bleached… and during the refining process, the flour used to make white bread is also stripped of most of its nutrients, making it one of the carbs to stay away from, for sure! Yes, some of the nutrients are added back with chemicals, but really, most of the calories in white bread come from empty carbs, like sugar (high fructose corn syrup), not fiber (like the carbs in whole grain bread).

White Rice
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