8 Common Foods You Thought Were Vegetarian but Might Not Be ...


The list of false vegetarian foods may well shock you.

It is surprising what food is sometimes made of.

Many new vegetarians are surprised by the numbers of things that have animal products inside.

The discovery of what they can and cannot eat is sometimes quite shocking and leads some people to feel that their diet is severely restricted.

Shocking foodstuffs not being vegetarian is becoming less prevalent as manufacturers begin to label things as vegetarian with a little symbol.

Many countries have introduced labeling laws and many companies started labeling foodstuffs because of the hailstorm of horror that McDonald's caused through no fault of their own in the early 90’s*.

Let’s take a look at some of the common false vegetarian foods.

1. Marshmallows

This is the biggest surprise for most new vegetarians in their twenties and thirties, when they find out that marshmallows are one of many false vegetarian foods.

By the age or twenty or thirty, a person has their own place and starts to care about what they eat.

All of a sudden the white and grey limp chicken slithers they ate in their teens do not look so delicious.

They shop for groceries and pick things that look like they should be vegetarian.

We are not all food scientists, so if there are chunks of meat in something, then how are we to know?

Marshmallows have gelatin in them, which means that most are not vegetarian.

Whether you are dipping them in your coffee, roasting them on a campfire or giving them to your kids, you are feeding them a farmed animal.3

The same goes for gummy bears in many cases, and many a wobbly jello.2

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