7 Dangerous Detox Symptoms You Should Watch out for ...


If you’re embarking on a detox for improved health and wellness, there are several dangerous detox symptoms that you need to watch out for. Sure, sometimes when we detox we experience unpleasant side effects, like a minor headache or feeling a little tired. But there’s a fine line between unpleasant side effects and dangerous detox symptoms that could indicate something more serious is happening. Stay on the lookout for these symptoms to make sure you’re staying safe while detoxing.

1. Extreme Fatigue and Brain Fog

One of the most common, but dangerous detox symptoms is extreme fatigue or brain fog. Sometimes, your extreme fatigue could be linked to something like caffeine withdrawal. But if you’re having serious issues getting out of bed in the morning, going to work, and can’t seem to function or concentrate on basic tasks, step back to see if your detox is safe. Sometimes a detox can be too intense, and perhaps you need to modify your plan.

Major Weakness and Pain in Joints
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