7 Delicious Cupcake Flavors to Indulge in ...

There are so many delicious cupcake flavors out in the world, that I'm here to help you choose which ones to indulge in!

Ah, yes the original flavors from vanilla to chocolate have now been pushed aside for the emulsifying flavors that enhance our original vanilla and chocolate!

Don't catch my drift?

Well, read on about these delicious cupcake flavors that will surely satisfy all those taste buds!


This delicious cupcake flavor gives you the best of both salty and sweet!

This succulent caramel, with a hint of sea salt and delicious moist vanilla (or chocolate) cupcake with caramel inside makes your taste buds dance!

I love caramel, and I'm a big fan of sea salt - I was a little apprehensive in the beginning, but definitely I turned a huge 180 after trying one of these bad boys!