7 Delicious Organic Foods That Will Boost Your Energy ...


Would you like to eat more organic foods, so that you can reduce the amount of pesticides you're exposed to? With the higher price of organic foods, few of us can afford to eat a purely or mainly organic diet. It's worth including some organic foods in your diet though, choosing the items that will be of most benefit. If you choose foods that will give you energy, you'll get the most out of your organic purchases. Here are some delicious organic foods that will boost your energy …

1. Fruit


Fruit is excellent for an energy boost, especially if you want a snack between meals. But what if your budget doesn't allow for all-organic fruit and vegetables? Go for produce with a thin skin or that you don't peel, such as apples, grapes, celery, lettuce, spinach, kale, peaches, potatoes, and peppers. You don't need to buy organic produce if it has a thick skin or layers, such as onions or cabbage.

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2. Nuts


Need a quick energy boost? Grab a handful of almonds or other nuts. Nuts are a much healthier snack than a muffin or chocolate. They'll give you protein, healthy fats, plus vitamins and minerals. Nuts should be included in any diet as they also offer health benefits such as helping to protect you against heart disease and other health problems.

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3. Eggs


Organic eggs are not only better for the welfare of the hens, but they're also good for you. They're even better than free range, as the hens won't be given antibiotics. And eggs are a great energy-giving food, so choose them for breakfast or lunch when you've got a busy schedule ahead of you.

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4. Oatmeal


Organic oatmeal is a very good choice for breakfast. It'll give you a slow release of energy to keep you going until lunch, and it's much better for you than a sugary cereal. If you make it with organic milk, your breakfast will be even better, as you'll get plenty of calcium and none of the chemicals that get into conventionally-produced milk.

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5. Kale


We're hearing so much about kale being the next superfood. But if you eat it, you're better off choosing organic kale, as with any kind of leaf like salad. Leaves are so thin that they'll absorb a lot of pesticides. If you've got a garden or balcony, you could even grow your own salad leaves - you can be absolutely sure that they're organic when you grow your own!

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6. Whole Grains

Whole Grains

Do you usually buy white rice and bread? Whole grains are much better for your energy levels, as they slowly release energy rather than the quick burst that refined foods give you. And it's also better to choose the organic versions, since we generally eat a lot of bread and rice.

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7. Pulses


Pulses such as beans and lentils are worth buying in the organic version. Although they'll be more expensive, you'll get several meals out of a packet. They're a cheap source of protein, and will give you a slow release of energy to keep you going for hours.

It's worth buying as many of these in organic form as you can afford, as you'll soon feel the benefits of your increased energy levels. If you have to be selective, pick the fruits and vegetables with thin skin, as they absorb a lot of pesticides. Would you like to eat an all-organic diet?

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