7 Delicious Organic Foods That Will Boost Your Energy ...


Would you like to eat more organic foods, so that you can reduce the amount of pesticides you're exposed to?

With the higher price of organic foods, few of us can afford to eat a purely or mainly organic diet.

It's worth including some organic foods in your diet though, choosing the items that will be of most benefit.

If you choose foods that will give you energy, you'll get the most out of your organic purchases.

Here are some delicious organic foods that will boost your energy …

1. Fruit


Fruit is excellent for an energy boost, especially if you want a snack between meals.

But what if your budget doesn't allow for all-organic fruit and vegetables?

Go for produce with a thin skin or that you don't peel, such as apples, grapes, celery, lettuce, spinach, kale, peaches, potatoes, and peppers.

You don't need to buy organic produce if it has a thick skin or layers, such as onions or cabbage.

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