9 Different Ways to Prepare Chicken with Weight Loss in Mind ...


There are endless ways to prepare chicken that are both unhealthy and healthy, so be sure to cook your chicken wisely if you want to lose weight. Many women think if they just quit eating meat that they’ll naturally lose weight but this isn't always the case. Unless you’re vegan, chicken makes a great healthy protein choice for weight loss. Instead of succumbing to the boring poached chicken most dieters eat, try some of these healthy ways to prepare chicken. Not only do they taste delicious, but they'll also ramp up your efforts to achieve your weight loss goals too!

1. Broil It

Broil It

One of the best ways to prepare chicken healthy without it tasting like it, is to broil skinless chicken breasts instead of baking them. This gives the outside a crispier texture than frying it, without using oil or butter. Place some chicken breasts on a broiler pan coated with nonstick spray. Top with herbs, pepper, and Mrs. Dash. Place on the top rack in your oven at 400 degrees for 15 minutes for healthy, crispy chicken in just minutes!

Wrap It in Foil
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