Dump Desserts 🍰 Lazy Girls 😴 Can Make in a Flash πŸ’₯ ...


You know what sucks? When you really want dessert, but there's nothing sweet in the house and you really don't feel like making anything. That's why dump desserts are so fabulous – they're so fast and easy, even lazy girls won't mind making them! You literally just have to dump in the ingredients, then stick the cake pan in the oven. I didn't know dump desserts were even a thing! Now that I'm in-the-know, though, I make them all the time! These are some of my favorites, as well as some of the ones I'm dying to try.

1. Dump Peach Cobbler

Next time you're at the store or the farmers' market, grab some fresh, sweet peaches. They're delicious snacks, but they also make amazing cobbler! A dump peach cobbler is also an excellent way to use up your peaches before they get too ripe. Of course, you can sub in whatever fruit you like – or a mix of different fruits!

Cherry Dump Cake
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