7 Exquisitely Delicious and Easy-to-Bake Cakes ...


Easy-to-Bake Cakes are not only unbelievably scrumptious stuff; they're also quite handy to have around especially when you get those sweet cravings or when you're entertaining. Can you just imagine getting an unexpected guest and having absolutely nothing to serve him (or her)? Downright embarrassing, I tell you. Well, I may just be saying this because I have a major sweet tooth but I can't just see the downside of always having easy-to-bake cakes around the house. Diets be damned! Haha! So start collecting your own recipes of easy-to-bake cakes now and always be ready for those unexpected visitors (or those uncontrollable cravings). Start with these 7 Exquisitely Delicious and Easy-To-Bake Cakes.2

1. Simple Vanilla Cake

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Vanilla has become one of my favorite flavors lately.

And so discovering this amazingly easy and downright scrumptious confection is a major treat.

It only needs a few ingredients and takes less than an hour to prepare.

What more could you ask for?!

Cheesecake with Blueberries
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