8 Fascinating Food Museums ...


Food museums aren’t just for foodies. With food museums usually being located in places where the subject in hand is of significance, they are a great way of learning about an area’s history and culture. They are usually a hive of weird and wonderful facts, colorful stories and strange implements associated with the project so you can find some surprises. Food museums aren’t usually on the main tourist drag so if you visit one you are also supporting a local tourist economy. Fancy a browse around any of these food museums?

1. The Spam Museum, USA

Like many food museums, this one has a natural home in the place where the product originated. Spam was invented in 1937 by Hormel Foods in Austin, Minnesota – a.k.a. Spam Town. For those of you who are wondering what is spam – it is a pre-cooked meat product in a can. It is a mixture of ham, pork shoulder, salt and sodium nitrate and, famously, was the most readily available meat to the Brits during the 2nd World War. The Spam Museum covers 16,500 square feet and is packed full of everything Spam. If you need assistance, a “Spambassador” will happily show you around. Naturally, there is a gift shop where you can load up on Spam.

Freitmuseum, Belgium
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