6. Dark Chocolate

I bet you didn’t know dark chocolate was a great flat belly food, did you? It’s true! Dark chocolate is excellent for fighting belly flab. First of all , the fats in dark chocolate with at least 80% cacao content or more promote a strong sense of satiety, which prevents cravings. Even better is that it contains a good bit of fiber for a small ounce serving. Dark chocolate is also a powerful antidepressant food, and stimulates the metabolism. It is a natural appetite suppressant and can help prevent sugar cravings when you avoid the sugary, milk chocolate varieties. The nutrients in chocolate act as a natural sedative, and promote a sense of calm, which rids the body of excess cortisol. Remember, cortisol is that rotten stress hormone that leads to cravings. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants as well, making it an overall great food for your heart health. I love having one ounce in the afternoon when the day is winding down. It prevents me from overeating at dinner, and also keeps my mood stable if my day has been a little stressful. This keeps me away from the unhealthy foods, and the small amounts of caffeine in chocolate give me a lift, while also flushing away a little water weight. An even better choice is raw cacao, which is pure dark chocolate at its finest with no added sugar.

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