7 Food Companies That Support the Environment ...


Most of us donโ€™t give too much thought to companies that support the environment everyday, yet we spend our hard earned money on foods that come from companies that will either enhance our environment or harm it, unintentionally or not.

Buying organic is a great way to start supporting the environment.

It produces less pesticides, toxic chemicals into the air and our water, and protects the animals living in the land, which in turn we eat, producing less of a toxic burden to us and them.

Being vegetarian is also a great place to start since animal products take a majority of our environmentโ€™s energy stores, and animal production makes up for a large part of our country.

Yet, sometimes, organic and being vegetarian arenโ€™t enough.

For some food companies, they desire to give back much more than that.

The following companies actually use the dollars you spend on their products to enhance the world you live in, or the world of others.2

It is safe to say I think these companies that support the environment are amazing, so check them out for yourself and start throwing some of their products in your cart next time youโ€™re at the store.

1. Earthbound Farms Organic

Earthbound Farms Organic

Earthbound Farms Organic foods are just one of the companies that support the environment, but no doubt, one to keep on your radar.

The fact that this company prizes vegetarian foods and organic food production is a great place to start, but they do much more than that.

Youโ€™ve probably seen Earthbound Farms Organic foods in your produce section.

I love their packaged greens and frozen veggies too.

They make various types of food products, and proceeds are well spent.

Every single package that Earthbound Farms Organic produces is made of recycled materials, along with all of their shipping materials, which saves over 22 million tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions per year along with 65 million gallons of water, 13 million pounds of solid wastes and enough energy to provide 4000 homes a year with electricity.

Pretty amazing, huh?

And thatโ€™s just in their packaging!

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