12 Foods Never to Eat on a Date ...


Deciding what foods never to order on a date can sometimes be tricky.

You don't want to be obnoxious and order the most expensive item on the menu - that’s just tacky.

You’re encouraged to stay away from things that will gross your man out and make him run for the door.

So for the sake of sparing any awkward moments, here are twelve foods never to eat on a date.

1. Salad


Salad is a food you should never eat on a date.

Men like women with hearty appetites.

Ordering salad sends the wrong message, and that message is: I'm a finicky eater who's always on a diet.

2. Spaghetti


I love pasta.

It's really, really amazing.

But spaghetti is messy.

You want to be a lady, not a tomato sauce slob.

Skipping spaghetti means no red sauce on your pretty white blouse.

3. Anything with Extra Garlic

Anything with Extra Garlic

Think of garlic like your worst enemy.

It’s tasty, but it’s a no-no.

Never, ever, ever order anything very garlicky on a date.

4. Barbecue


Any entrée that needs a wet nap should always be avoided.

No guy wants to look at a girl with sauce all over her face and fingers and rib meat in her teeth.

You want to be sexy, not a hot mess.

5. Spinach


When you flash your signature smile, you want your date to see your pearly whites, not a chunk of spinach.

6. Lobster


Lobster is delish, I know.

But, it can get very sloppy.

Your date wants to kiss you at the end of the night.

He doesn’t want you to be covered in butter and a bib.2

7. Hamburgers


A hamburger and an enormous bun can turn into a bit of an eating disaster.2

Save yourself the embarrassment and order something that’s easier to eat.

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