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With summer at full swing, leaving perishable foods out for hours can cause serious food bourne illnesses. You should be cautious about what you eat after hours of that left-over pizza sitting out on the counter. Here are a few examples of things that are guaranteed to get you sick 😷, watch out!

1. Dairy

• Milk

• Eggs boiled or raw

• Yogurt

Keep your dairy at a cool temperature at all times.

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2. Meat (raw)

• Chicken

• Ground beef

• Pork

Raw or undercooked meat can get you sick, if it feels warm or turns brown you might want to toss it.

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3. Seafood (cooked)

• Boiled seafood

• Fried seafood

• Baked seafood

When you cook the seafood keeping it hot can help it last longer, but after a number of hours it should be discarded.

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4. Fruits and Veggies

Fresh fruits and veggies should always be washed before use they carry their own bacteria plus all the bacteria they collect while being transported and handled. Eek!

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5. Extra Tips

• Cooked foods can always be reheated to kill the bacteria.

• Raw foods should stay cool until ready to cook.

• All perishable foods should be thrown out after 2 hours of sitting out.

If you have more tips for keeping the food safe in the hot months - please, share in the comments!

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