9. Coconut


Coconut is one of my personal favorite foods for a few reasons. First, it helps stabilize your mood, enhance your mental focus and reduce stress. This relates to weight loss for a few reasons. It helps to keep you from reaching for sugar as a quick source of fuel, and it also reduces your cortisol levels from high levels of stress. Next, coconut is high in fiber, which promotes a full feeling, and its healthy fats are burned by your liver to help increase fat burn in your body. Just be sure to stick to all unsweetened forms of coconut. I highly recommend unsweetened coconut shreds to add to oatmeal, baking recipes or energy bars. You can also stir it in your yogurt for a filling snack. I like to use raw coconut butter in my smoothies, or as a butter replacement. I also like to eat it 1 tbsp. at a time off the spoon when I’m hungry and need a quick energy source. Coconut oil is the best oil to cook with since it holds its nutrients at high heat levels and will help increase fullness quicker in your meals.

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