10 Healthy Cooking Tips You Won't Have Heard before ...


Youโ€™ll find healthy cooking tips all over the Internet but it seems to be the same old, same old ones regurgitated time and time again.2

If you like to eat healthily it always good to come across new ways to brighten up your menus or make use of ingredients you hadnโ€™t considered before.

Here are 10 healthy cooking tips that hopefully you wonโ€™t have heard before and if you have, theyโ€™ll be a good memory jogger.

1. Yummy Yoghurt

One of the first things we cut down on when we want to eat better is cakes, biscuits and baked goods in general.

But, you can still enjoy these in moderation if you follow one of the top healthy cooking tips which is to make your own muffins but replace half the suggested liquid with yogurt โ€“ they are generally lighter and fluffier too.

You can also make yogurt bread - simply mix the flour with a carton of yogurt.2

Can the Cream
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