8. Detox


Root vegetables are so good for you, so they're perfect to include in your homemade juices.

You might not think this juice tastes sweet, but it's delicious!

Carrots and beets, in addition to being huge vitamin powerhouses, have inherently sweet flavors that mix flawlessly with the apple.



2 tablespoons peeled and chopped fresh ginger (1/2 ounce)

1 medium beet (8 ounces), scrubbed and coarsely chopped

4 medium carrots (8 ounces total), scrubbed and sliced

1 medium apple (8 ounces), cored and cubed

1 cup water


In a blender, combine ginger, beet, carrots, apple, and water;

blend, scraping down sides occasionally, until smooth.

Strain juice and, if desired, thin with additional water.

Refrigerate up to 2 days (shake before serving).

Source: health.com

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