7. Neecey's Leftover Turkey

Neecey's Leftover Turkey

I don’t know about in the US, but it is a standing joke in the UK that the uneaten (Christmas, not Thanksgiving) turkey always gets made into one, sandwiches and two, curry.

Although very tasty, turkey curries are not really healthy ways to use leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

That is, unless you do it my way.

Make a cold turkey curry – a là Coronation chicken masquerading as a Waldorf salad!

Instead of fat-laden mayonnaise, add curry powder into a mix of low fat yogurt (Greek is best) and sour cream.

Mix this with chopped cooked turkey, super-sweet raisins (or halved grapes), an apple cut into chunks, green onions, chopped celery and some chopped walnuts.

Season to taste, pile onto some crunchy salad leaves such as romaine and radicchio and tuck in.2

I hope you give these meals to make with leftover Thanksgiving turkey a try but more than that, I hope I have demonstrated that with just a bit of creative thinking, you can turn classics into healthy (and quick) meals.

What's your favorite thing to do with leftover turkey?

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