7 Key Nutrients and How to Get Them from Food ...


Key nutrients are exactly what their name implies. They are the vital substances that provide nourishment essential for our bodies to grow and be maintained. If we follow a healthy balanced diet, we should already be getting a very good selection of the key nutrients but not all of us know exactly which ones we should be eating. Supplements are available for any of the key nutrients we might not be getting enough of, but in cash-strapped times, who wants to be spending hard-earned dollars on something you should be able to get if you eat properly? Plus, there’s no need to increase your grocery spending, because some of the cheapest foods contain plenty of our essential needs. Here are 7 Key Nutrients and How to Get Them From Food:

1. Vitamin a

The humble carrot is a much under-rated vegetable. You’ll be pleased to know that you can get more than 200% of your RDV (recommended daily value) for vitamin A from one medium sized raw carrot. If that doesn’t float your boat, you can get a smaller hit (just over 22% RDV) from an 8oz serving of tomato juice. (If you go for the tomato option, not only will you be ingesting one of your key nutrients but you’ll also be getting some of that lovely lycopene – a powerful anti-oxidant)

Vitamin B6
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