7. Paleo Veganista

For anyone that thinks you canโ€™t be Paleo and be a vegan, let me introduce you to Kelsey, one of my personal favorite bloggers.

Kelsey proves that just because a person doesnโ€™t eat animal foods, they can still eat Paleo and be completely nourished at the same time.

She is currently exploring both vegan and Paleo diets, and has some alterations, such as she eats organic tofu on occasion, and she doesnโ€™t worry that it isnโ€™t officially โ€œPaleoโ€ since she eats mostly a primal, vegan diet the rest of the time.

Her Chia Almond Hemp Pancakes are the perfect example that you truly can eat wholesome foods, that happen to be animal friendly.

Iโ€™m partial to this blog since Iโ€™m not really a meat eater myself.

I always find inspiration behind Kelseyโ€™s blog to eat more plant foods that donโ€™t have to be unhealthy or unsatisfying.

You can learn more about Kelsey here: paleoveganista.com.

If the Paleo lifestyle is something youโ€™ve never considered, I think itโ€™s worth anyone looking into, as I do with any clean, healthy lifestyle.

I believe everyone benefits from different ways of eating, and overall, you should embrace what works for you!

What are your thoughts on the Paleo diet?