7 Lovely Reasons You Should Always Buy Organic Coffee.. ...

I don’t care what anyone tells me, I’m not giving up my morning cup of coffee for anything, yet I am careful to choose organic coffee versus all those fun artificially flavored ones, or other non-organic coffees. Don’t get me wrong now; I’m not an organic snob who has to have every single thing organic. I choose the foods and beverages most important to buy organic, and move on with my budget. It wasn’t until I learned exactly why I should buy organic coffee that I chose to do so. Since I consume only a cup a day, it lasts for a long #time, making the few extra dollars way worth the benefits. So what are the #benefits of buying organic coffee? #Read on to find out and see how to take your morning cup of magic to a new healthy level.

1. No Chemicals

Did you know that unlike organic coffee beans, conventional coffee beans are washed in a bath of chemicals before they reach your cup? That’s right, ladies, you’re getting in a dose of chlorine-washed and ammonia-washed coffee beans with your morning buzz! Not cool, in my opinion! Organic coffee is never treated with any chemicals of the like.