7. The Cost Isn’t Terribly High

While organic coffee is more expensive, it truly isn’t much more than paying around a penny a day when you consider how long it lasts. Organic coffee usually costs about $3-4 more. I try to buy lower cost organic brands, and preferably local brand options, which in my opinion, taste just as good. One of my favorite brands is Newman’s Own Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee. Green Mountain Organic coffee is another popular favorite. Both of these aren’t but a couple dollars higher than my previous favorites, including Gevalia and Folgers. I never notice the difference and I no longer have to worry about my a toxic load from my coffee.

Organic coffee is also higher in antioxidants than conventional coffee, so if I’m going to spend money on my beans, I figure I might as well get in some extra nutrients while I’m at it! Do you buy organic or conventional coffee?