7 Reasons to Choose Raw Nut Butter over Roasted Ones ...


From peanut to cashew to almond butter, there are all kinds of yummy nut butters on the market, but raw nut butters have a leg up on all the roasted varieties that you may want to consider. Raw nut butters have so many health benefits and though roasted varieties arenโ€™t the worst thing you could eat, theyโ€™re nutritionally inferior to raw nut butters for a few reasons. Check out some of these reasons to choose raw nut butters over roasted ones and pick up a jar or two this week. You can usually find them online much cheaper than in stores through numerous websites as well.

1. Less Acidic

Raw nut butters are usually carefully processed and some are even soaked and sprouted, which makes them less acidic by nature. All cooked foods, especially roasted nuts and oils, are highly acidic to the body. They can contribute to inflammation and even be hard to digest because theyโ€™re more acidic. Nuts and seeds contain delicate oils and fats that should optimally never be heated.

Easier to Digest
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