8 Reasons to Not Watch TV Cooking Shows ...


Food culture has grown so much that TV cooking shows are no longer tucked away just filling schedules โ€“ there are dedicated cooking and food channels.

And, it isnโ€™t just shows that teach us how to cook: celebrity chefs are everywhere;

food is linked with art;

travelogues are based around food;

public information shows and documentaries address food topics;2

and there are even food-themed reality TV shows.

But with all this, are we any better off?

Are we better cooks?

Do we eat better?

Here are some reasons why we shouldnโ€™t be watching TV cooking shows.

1. Hosts Never Wear Aprons

Amazingly, the majority of TV chefs can throw flour around, whirl dough on their fingers and stir frantically bubbling pots and pans full of tasty food without ever spilling the food over their (usually pristine) clothes and without wearing an apron!2

How on earth is this possible??

The average kitchen is covered in random splatters after the cooking of a great meal and it can often splash up over clothes, yet TV chefs remain unmarred by food in TV cooking shows.

Annoyingly unrealistic.

They Use Gadgets
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