9 Sources of Vitamin C ...


With cold season upon us, weโ€™re all looking for sources of vitamin C to keep our immune systems (and us!) healthy.

If youโ€™re tired of slugging orange juice and popping vitamin C pills, youโ€™re in luck, because citrus fruits arenโ€™t the only, or even the best, sources of vitamin C!

There are lots of places to get your daily dose of vitamin C, from my favorite tropical fruit to a tasty leafy green;

letโ€™s have a peek!

1. Bell Peppers


One cup of chopped red bell pepper contains about twice the vitamin C you ought to get in one dayโ€ฆ amazing!

Itโ€™s truly one of the best natural sources of vitamin C.

Add it to soup or salad, or just munch bell pepper strips raw โ€” either way, bell pepper is nutritious and delicious!

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