7 Starbucks Drinks You Must Try Next Time You're There ...


If I told all of you that there were plenty of amazing Starbucks drinks you must try next time you’re there, chances are you wouldn’t think twice about it.

However, let’s say I told you all of the drinks were off a secret menu, and not any drink you’ve probably ordered before.

That’s right, there are some amazing Starbucks drinks that you must next time you visit, but you’ll need to save this article either to your smartphone, your Pinterest page, or to your email so you can keep a list of these amazing drinks, because they are not on the chain’s menu.

These drinks sound absolutely addicting, pretty creative, and insanely delicious.

Give them a try, and don’t forget to spread the word to your friends.

Maybe if we order them enough, Starbucks will save us all the trouble and start printing them on their menu!

1. The Zebra Mocha

Alright, so this is one of the very first Starbucks drinks you must try if you’re like me and adore animal print.

I mean, the name just begs me to try it!

The Zebra Mocha is also called a Penguin Mocha, Black and White Mocha and Marble Mocha, so feel free to ask for this drink under any of those names.

Either way, it consists of a regular mocha blended with white chocolate mocha flavors for the ultimate, indulgent chocolate treat!

It may be high in sugar, but if you want an intense hit of chocolate, this one is it!

You could always ask for sugar-free syrups if you're concerned with sugar content.2

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