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What's the perfect cupcake for your zodiac sign? If you, like me, are somebody who has a major sweet tooth, then I am sure that you will have come across your fair share of cupcakes over the years! Some people believe cupcakes to be the epitome of baked goods, with their generous helpings of frosting often taking centre stage over the varieties of delicious sponge that hide beneath. Have you ever stopped to consider, though, if your position in the astrological heaven might hold clues to which cupcake suits you best? Ready to have a little fun? Here is the perfect cupcake for your zodiac sign.

1. Pisces

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You are the most creative of all the zodiac signs, so it makes sense that your cupcake must be the most visually stimulating of the bunch! You can’t get any better than rainbow frosting when it comes to exciting visuals!

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2. Aries

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You are adventurous and full of energy, so something like a marshmallow filled s’mores cupcake should be right up your street!

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3. Taurus

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You like to enjoy the finer things in life, so something sophisticated in the form of a cupcake. How about a strawberry shortcake cupcake!?

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4. Gemini

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Your indecisive nature doesn’t have to be a problem when it comes to cupcakes because the chocolate and vanilla swirl offers the best of both worlds!

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5. Cancer

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You are more of a traditionalist who likes to stick to your roots, so nothing will make you feel more satisfied than a classic rich chocolate cupcake with gorgeous vanilla frosting!

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6. Leo

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You like to be the life and soul of the party, so you need a cupcake to match! Why not take things out of the normal cupcake comfort zone with some crazy chocolate chili cupcakes!

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7. Virgo

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Virgos tend to be more health-oriented than most, so to respect that side of you, why not go for a yogurt-based cupcake. Still delicious, but leaning a little more toward the healthy side of things.

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8. Libra

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You are very family centred, and the classic dish of any loving Italian family is cannoli, so why not incorporate that into a cupcake with a modern twist? Cannoli cupcakes are set to be the next big thing!

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9. Scorpio

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You are known for your irresistibility, so you need a cupcake that matches this! There is no other direction for you to go than the sumptuous red velvet option!

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10. Sagittarius

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You are a world traveller who likes to keep things as exotic as possible, so the perfect cupcake for you is the zesty deliciousness of a key lime pie flavoured creation!

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11. Capricorn

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You are a straight up Type A personality, you like things to be classy and classic and you aren’t fond of taking too many risks with your food, so the best option for you is definitely a sophisticated, tried and tested vanilla bean cupcake. Looks great and tastes amazing!

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12. Aquarius

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You have a real and eye and appreciation for everything unique and original, so your cupcake needs to be something out of the ordinary. How about raspberry coconut cupcakes? They provide something a little sharp and a little exotic, a perfect unique combo!

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