9 Tips for Dealing with Fussy Eaters ...


Dealing with fussy eaters can be a nightmare.

They aren’t all cute cherub-cheeked children, either…it seems the fussy gene comes in all sizes, and you are likely to have adult family and friends who are just as picky about their foods.

Don’t drive yourself mad, though – check out these top tips on dealing with fussy eaters of all ages.

1. Ignore…

This is one I hadn’t tried before last week…but have you ever noticed how much extra stress trying to create a meal that suits everyone causes?!

With over 70 people to cook for, sometimes it just isn’t possible to make a meal everyone will love.

Confirm if any guests have allergies, and how many are vegetarians or vegans, and leave the likes and dislikes out of it.

Whether the complainer is two or two hundred, just ignore any complaints, and let them enjoy the rest of the meal.

Ignoring issues really can be the best way of dealing with fussy eaters.

Serve Small Portions…
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