10 Tips for Making Candy ...


If you're interested in making your own sweets, then you definitely need some great tips for making candy.

I consider myself a pretty good amateur candy maker, but I started out bad.

I mean, really bad, as in making toffee that ended up a taffy, and I don't even know how that happens.

Thankfully, I've gotten lots better and I wanted to share my most helpful, practical tips for making candy with all my fellow sweet toothed sisters out there.

May the decadence be with you!

1. Invest in a Candy Thermometer

Purchasing a candy thermometer is one of the most essential tips for making candy.

You simply won't succeed if you don't have one.

Candy making relies on very precise temperatures;

one degree too high or too low could easily destroy all your efforts.

You don't want to make a mistake when you're working with chocolate and sugar.

They're incredibly inexpensive, so if you make candy often, it's a worthwhile purchase.

Try to get one with a clip and a display you can read easily.

Temperature Essentials
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