10 Tips on How to Match Wine with Food ...


You like food, you like wine, but you have no idea how to match wine with food?

Sometimes the simple option is to just ask the waiter but 1) they donโ€™t always know, and 2) they will probably want to sell you the most expensive wine on the list.2

The most commonly quoted adage about wine with food is that red is for red meat and doesnโ€™t go with fish.

This is old hat.

There are so many wines to choose from that if you want to drink white wine with steak, you can โ€“ you just need to know how to match wine with food.

Hereโ€™s a crash course!

1. What do You like?

If you are wondering how to match wine with food and donโ€™t know where to start, begin with a wine which you enjoy.

This principle works best if you drink before or after your meal, and not necessarily with the meal itself.

High Acidity is Positive
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