9. Hornazo

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Hornazo is Spanish Easter bread that is filled with meat, usually pork loin and chorizo, and hard-boiled eggs.2

Eggs appear again in this traditional Easter dish, as eggs were a popular food source and thus often given up for Lent.2

It comes from the Salamanca and Avila provinces of Spain.

Here, pies were eaten during the Lunes de Aguas festival (the Β«Monday of the WatersΒ»).

Interestingly, during the festival the prostitutes of the town would go across the river to the other side in order to leave the town empty of temptations for the men so they can focus on their religious practices!

Nonetheless, the actual recipe for Hornazo was created when the prostitutes returned and the young men celebrated their arrival with a meat pie.

So there are 9 Traditional Easter Foods, The most prominent recurring theme throughout Easter foods is of course, new life.

Most Easter dishes revolve around symbols that represent Christ’s revival and death.

Each Christian nation has their own way of celebrating Easter and has traditions that have stayed with their culture.2

Try something new for Easter this year, by returning to tradition!2

Do you have any favorite Easter food?

(Other than chocolate!)

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