5. Additives

Additives by their very nature are designed to enhance, preserve and fortify food so it’s no real surprise that additives are those most susceptible to science, with food manufacturers constantly looking for ways to “improve” food production and longevity.

This makes finding ways to avoid purchasing GM foods very difficult when it comes to additives.

You might almost feel as though additives based on GMOs are invisible, because the number of additives is so vast, all have scientific names and when included in a list of label ingredients are practically lost.

You might be surprised at just some of the most common ones though, because they really are so prevalent – and you’ve probably heard of most of these ones: citric acid, maltodextrin, xanthan gum, baking powder, sorbitol, malt syrup, caramel syrup and stearic acid are all GMO offenders.

Know Your PLU Codes
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