9 Ways to Chop an Onion without Shedding Tears ...


It’s one of the oldest cooking related questions – what are the ways to chop an onion without shedding tears?

Onions are a major ingredient in so many of our recipes and if you’re like me, you never know when you are going to slice an onion that will make your eyes stream.

There are lots of old wives tales and lots of chef tips on ways to chop an onion without shedding tears – maybe one of them will work for you.

1. Use a Cold Onion

One of the best ways to chop an onion without shedding tears is to refrigerate the onion until it’s cold.

The reason is that the cells that cause your eyes to water won’t react as fast when an onion is cold, and therefore you should be able to avoid the tears.

Around half an hour in the refrigerator, or 15 minutes in the freezer, should be enough to keep your eyes tear-free.

2. Use a Flame

Lighting a candle or turning on a gas stove next to where you’re cutting an onion can help avoid creating tears.

The heat from the flame acts as a magnet for the sulfur that is released from the onion, which causes your eyes to experience less irritation.

The closer you can get to the flame, the more effective it will be.

3. Wear Goggles

While you might associate swimming goggles with the beach or swimming pool, they can be really handy in the kitchen as well.2

If you have an especially large number of onions to peel and slice, you might want to consider getting them out of the attic and wearing them while you do your job.

The fumes released from the onion can’t get to your eyes, and therefore you can avoid crying while chopping onions.

The next time you have the whole family round for a stew, you might thank me!

Chop under Water
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