7 Ways to Eat Healthfully at an Italian Restaurant ...


Following a few of these ways to eat healthfully at an Italian restaurant will not derail your healthy eating goals.

While most Italian meals are full of creams, cheese and carbohydrates, it's absolutely possible to eat healthy at an Italian restaurant too!

It all comes down to ordering the right way if you want to eat a nutritious Italian meal.

Italian food is savory, filling and a staple enjoyed by many families - and it can actually be healthy too!

Follow a few of these ways to eat healthfully at an Italian restaurant and you won't ever feel guilty again when you leave the restaurant.2

1. Skip the Bread Basket

One of the first ways to eat healthfully at an Italian restaurant is to pass on the bread basket right at the beginning of the meal.2

Italian bread is made from white flour which has been stripped of all of its nutritional quality.

It is low in fiber and will cause your blood sugar to rise and drop before your meal even comes.

If you just can't pass on the bread basket, limit yourself to one serving of bread dipped in a delicious olive oil to slow down your digestion.

Order a salad at the start of your meal and soon you won't even miss the bread basket.

2. Choose a Healthy App

Many Italian appetizers are served fried or soaked in cream, providing far too many calories before you have even taken one bite of your meal.

Instead, choose appetizers like minestrone, bruschetta or a green salad and you will save on calories without skipping on vitamins, minerals and flavor.

Choose dishes made with olive oil which is high in heart healthy fats, instead of cream which is high in unhealthy saturated fat.

Choose something light enough to hold you over until your meal comes.

Choose a Lighter Dinner
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