7 Ways You Can Make Your Salad Healthier ...


Looking for ways to make your salad healthier? Isn’t salad ALREADY healthy? The truth is, salad can quickly become an unhealthy meal choice by the way we fix it and what add-ins we throw on top. Below are my tips and ways to make your salad healthier, because it can be challenging to know what to take out of your salad to make it a leaner diet choice! Better yet, what can you replace those items with? Read on to learn ways to make your salad healthier!

1. Choose Grilled Meat

Choose Grilled Meat

One of the quickest ways to make your salad healthier is by removing the fried chicken. A chicken salad SOUNDS like a healthier dinner, but only if the meat has been grilled, not fried! Alternatively, you could choose grilled shrimp if you like. I love to grill my chicken or shrimp in a little garlic for added flavor!

Use Lemon Juice
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