8 Weird Food Combinations That Are Delicious ...


Let's face it, we all have strange cravings and favorite weird food combinations that we think are absolutely delicious but sound gross to other people.

Certain seemingly weird food combinations have been universally found out though, and are spreading for everyone else to try and become more "normal." So open your minds (and your stomachs) as we go through these 8 weird food combinations that are delicious!

Come on girls, live a little!

1. Pizza + Ranch Dressing

My personal favorite from this list of weird food combinations is definitely dipping my pizza in ranch dressing.

It started out as something I learned in college and has stuck with me up to today.

Whether you like bacon, buffalo chicken or broccoli on your pizza, a white, creamy salad dressing will give it just a little bit more flavor.

If you haven't heard of or tried this weird food combination yet, you've been missing out!

French Fries + Milkshake
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