3 Winter Dessert Recipes That Won't Break Your Diet ...


When the winter comes, so does the craving for comfort foods – stews, pies, soups, breads – and desserts, of course! I’ve always found that denying myself makes me want to pig out even more – and everyone’s resistance breaks at some point! So here are my favorite winter dessert recipes that aren’t quite so bad, and that won't break your diet.

1. Mud Pie Torte

This is a great recipe from an old Readers’ Digest magazine that my grandma kept. She loved the recipe, and adapted her own version – it’s delicious! Here’s how to make it:

Serves 10.

Ready in an hour.


250g Bourbon biscuits (buy pre-crushed ones if you can!)

100g of melted butter – unsalted

120g 70% cocoa dark chocolate

120g diced butter – unsalted

4 large eggs

140ml of double cream

For the topping:

200ml of whipping cream

Vanilla bean paste (3/4 drops)

2 tablespoons of icing sugar


Crush the Biscuits into Crumbs. There Are Plenty of Ways to do This, but Whisking Them is Probably Easiest
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