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A Tasty Summer Drink You'll Want to Have in the Middle of Winter ...

By Leiann

A common delicious drink during the summer but with a bit of variation... apples!

Most women know how to make the iced tea. So, I am not going to elaborate. If you do not know how, the video obviously teaches you.

Fill up a few glasses or a pitcher with iced tea. Set aside. Then, proceed to fill up the glasses or the pitcher with ice cubes and pieces of apple.

Not only is this drink thirst quenching, tasty and a different version of the common iced tea, it is cheap! You can usually find a box of tea bags at the dollar store for a dollar or two and a bag of apples for maybe $3 to $4. Do I really need to explain any further?

So, at your upcoming Christmas or New Year's get-together, make this for your guests and yourself. Something different. Also, it's nice for the non-drinkers.

I hope you like!

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