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7 Absolutely Best Foods to Blast Your PMS Away ...

By Neecey

During your time of the month, your poor body really goes through hell. Your hormones run riot, your brain chemicals don’t know which way to turn and oh, the aches and pains and cramps. The last thing you want to add is digestive woes. Food can be your friend during the pre-menstrual and menstrual period … if you eat the right things. Make sure these foods are on your menu to blast your PMS away.

1 Avocado

produce, food, vegetable, dish, cruciferous vegetables,One of the very best foods to blast your PMS is avocado. It is not only deliciously creamy on some hot toast and packed full of the omega 3 fatty acids that are so good for us, but it also contains sterols that are known to help reduce excess estrogen within the body. This is one of the main issues linked to symptoms of PMS including slight weight gain, decreased sex drive and overall lethargy and fatigue.

2 Omega-3 Fatty Acids

dish, food, meal, produce, plant,And while we are mentioning omega-3 fatty acids, it is worth learning more about them and how exactly they can have a positive impact with regards to PMS. They can help to reduce depression, anxiety and the more physical ailments like cramping and menstrual pain. Whilst omega-9 fatty acids have been known to encourage inflammation, things like hemp seeds and fish oil are perfect for your PMS symptoms.



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3 Magnesium Rich Foods

food, dish, meal, produce, breakfast,The majority of women are naturally rather low in this essential mineral, so to get as much magnesium in to your body as possible things like dark leafy greens, pumpkin seeds, figs and yogurt are all recommended. Magnesium can play a part in the anti-PMS movement by reducing things like breast tenderness, mood swings, bloating, poor sleep quality, headaches, fluid retention and even general irritability.

4 Yogurt

produce, food, plant, meal, strawberry,It has been proven that low levels of calcium in a woman’s body can have a big impact on the severity of PMS symptoms that she experiences. Calcium has been shown to be able to reduce lots of PMS related pain including bloating, swelling and tenderness. Also the probiotic nature of something like yogurt, which is filled with calcium, can improve your digestion and help you to avoid any PMS related tummy troubles.

5 Dark Chocolate

dessert, chocolate, brown, food, leather,A woman’s relationship with chocolate has always been a profound and deep one! When it comes to relieving PMS symptoms, the darker the better. The cacao contained in chocolate boasts energy-boosting chemicals that will perk you up, as well as other beneficial components such as calcium, zinc, iron, essential fatty acids and plenty of fiber. The more raw and the more organic you can find, the better.

6 Bananas

produce, plant, fruit, yellow, banana,Bananas are super rich in both potassium and vitamin B6, which are nutrients that can help to reduce water retention and bloating as well as muscle cramping that can cause so much pain around this time. The vitamin B6 can also work to help improve your mood and is another nutrient that can alleviate breast tenderness.

7 Chasteberry

flower, color, plant, blue, purple,Perhaps a lesser-known suggestion, chasteberry is also commonly known as vitex and is an herb that has been used for a long time to treat symptoms of PMS, especially breast tenderness and pain. Chasteberry can be sourced as a supplement from health stores and pharmacies everywhere in the form of a tablet or a liquid extract, and it has also been known to have positive effects on things like depression, headaches and general irritability.

Don’t just eat these foods on your period. Make them part of your diet.

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