7 Absolutely Surprising Pasta Facts You Might Not Know ...

By Heather

7 Absolutely Surprising Pasta Facts You Might Not Know ...

Pasta Facts are abundant. When you look online, you are probably like I am: overwhelmed with pasta facts that could or could not be true! Well ladies, I'm about to debunk all of the pasta facts out there and let you know what is real and what isn't!

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1 Fresh Pasta Better than Dried

There is a huge myth about pasta that fresh pasta is so much better than dried. Basically ladies, it all boils down to your taste. In general, dried pasta is going to not include any yolks from the eggs. For me – I like fresh pasta, but I still cook with dried pasta. Which do you ladies like better?

2 Brand Doesn't Matter

While most of the brands that you see at your local grocery store are made from wheat flour and water dough, that doesn't mean that the machines that they use are all the time. The brand does matter. You want to look for pasta that is pushed through bronze die machines – these will make your pasta a little rougher and will allow the sauce to cling to it!

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's all too tempting to seek out the convenient attractions of fast food restaurants near me. Yet, ladies, it's essential to remember the long term impacts of unhealthy eating on our physical health and overall sense of well-being.

3 Salt Water Helps the Pasta

I used to be the one chick that wouldn't ever put salt in any of the water for my pasta. I didn't see the point really. Ladies, this is one of those pasta facts that you are going to want to take to heart – sea salt in the water really makes your pasta taste that much better! It should taste a little like salt water in the ocean – the saltier the better!

4 Oil in the Water

What's the first thing that you usually do when you start too cook pasta? Put oil in it right? This is definitely one of the first pasta facts that I learned about. Why would you put oil in water? Never do it! It doesn't mix and it does nothing for the pasta. Instead, use the salt!

5 Cover the Pot

The key to cooking pasta and this is one of the pasta facts that you should use every time it's spaghetti night is cook boiling your pasta in a covered pot. You might hear of cooking your pasta in an uncovered pot to keep it from sticking, but it's a myth! You use the cover so that you keep the boil – trust me, it works!

6 The Sauce Matters

When you're pairing sauce with pasta, you want to take care! Typically, hearty and chunky sauces are going to go over tubular noodles such as ziti or shells – it tastes better and the chunky sauce goes well with these kinds of noodles. Meaty ragus are the types of sauces that can go over regular fettuccine noodles. This is totally one of the pasta facts that I had no idea!

7 Pasta Cooking Water

What's the last thing that you do when you take your pasta out of the water? Probably toss it right? One of the pasta facts that I learned recently, is that your pasta water can actually be used to make all kinds of sauces! My favorite? Pesto. It's a must for pesto sauce!

I know that when writing this, learned about a bunch of new pasta facts that will make my pasta dishes taste so much better! Ladies, what are some of the pasta facts that you use? Do you have any to share? I'm dying to know!

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