7 Addicting Fall Foods You've Got to Try ...


7 Addicting Fall Foods You've Got to Try ...
7 Addicting Fall Foods You've Got to Try ...

With the temperatures finally cooling down, it's time to explore some of the top addicting fall foods that are out there! I love fall, it's actually my favorite season of all time. Do you know why? Because of all of the top addicting fall foods, the weather and just how beautiful it really is! If you love fall as much as me, take this list down on what is hot this fall to eat!

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Potatoes Of course, one of the best and most addicting fall foods out there is potatoes! Whether you have potatoes as the main centerpiece of the dish (which trust me, some peeps do!) or you have a side dish of potatoes, potatoes are definitely some of the hottest foods for the fall! Why? Because they fill you up completely and they are totally comfort food!



Pumpkins What autumn would be complete without pumpkin everything? I swear, when fall rolls around and Starbucks rolls out with the pumpkin muffins I die a little bit inside! I also love pumpkin bread, pumpkin pies and of course, any drink that has pumpkin in it. This is totally a fall food that everyone becomes addicted to instantly!



Apples Apples are another thing that people go gaga over in the fall – myself included! I think because the apples are so delicious during the fall and going apple picking is a staple! To me, apple picking is one of those time-honored traditions that everyone has grown up with. It feels like childhood right?



Pomegranates Now, I actually have a really special relationship with pomegranates. My Nana and I used to eat them and get them for each other every single fall. Now that she is gone, I do still keep up the tradition! The only thing is, they are hard, hard, hard to eat. You eat the seeds – so it can take a while to get the hang of this particular fruit!



Carrots Oh how I love carrots and in the fall? They are delicious! Now, I am a huge raw carrot person, as I don't like to cook everything out of them and I really don't like the taste of cooked carrots, but in the fall? Carrots are incredible no matter how you slice it! What's your favorite way to use carrots?



Beets Beets are another fall fave that I think everyone should look at trying. My favorite thing about beets is that you can use them in so many different ways! I love a crisp beet salad all the way to hot beet soup. What's your favorite way to eat beets girls and guys?


Root Veggies

Root Veggies Finally, the last incredible fall food that is super addicting is all about the root veggies. Now, I know I highlighted a few of the root veggies that are my addictions, but I didn't forget about sweet potatoes, turnips and every other root veggie that is incredible – what's your favorite? They all look oh-so-delicious don't they? It's so hard for me to even choose my fave!

So girls and guys, there you have it! Some of my favorite and most addicting fall foods that I think everyone should give a chance. What's some of your favorite foods to eat in the fall?

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Um.. I think the word you were looking for was 'addictive'

I like girls who... Eat carrots. Anyone? No?

Apple cider donuts...

Also have you ever tried pickled beets? It sounds gross but they're so good!

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