7 Alcoholic Drinks 🍹 Fit for Halloween πŸ•· ...

Halloween isn't a holiday reserved for children. Adults can enjoy it just as much as little kids in costumes can. Of course, instead of binging on candy and going door to door trick or treating, you should sip on some beverages with your best friends instead. Since you deserve to have something special on a holiday, here are a few of the most delicious alcoholic drinks fit for Halloween:

1. Mr Hyde Potion

If you love vodka, then you're going to love this alcoholic drink. It'll come out dark and delicious, which is why it's a perfect fit for Halloween. You should get creeped out just by looking at it. Of course, that doesn't mean your guests will be scared to drink it. All of them should love it, especially if they're fans of blueberries, which is what you can plop into the liquid. If you're interested in the idea, find the full recipe on hgtv.com.

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